Services/Real Estate

Redbird Farm Studio captures your Listing with beautiful lighting & accurate angles. We offer a twenty-four hour turnaround for most Property Listings.

25 Property Listing Shots - $165.00

35 Property Listing Shots - $200.00

40 Property Listing Shots - $225.00

Services/Aerial Drone

Redbird Farm Studio delivers exceptional Aerial Drone Shots of your Property Listing. You will receive beautiful Photographof Homes, Land, Ranches, & Farms.

10 Aerial Drone Shots - $150.00

10 Aerial Drone Shots, a thirty second video + 35 Property Listing Shots - $300.00

Untitled photo


Having a Portrait is to keep a moment forever. Redbird Farm Studio loves capturing those moments for you in BEAUTIFUL & TIMELESS Portraits.

Realtor Portraits

Personal Branding Portraits

Save the Date/Engagement/Bridal Portraits

 Maternity/Newborn/Mother Portraits

Family Portraits

 Children's Portraits

$125.00 per Head Shot/Portrait/Image

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